Monday, November 3, 2008

She was so freakin' cute!!!

Well, its November! I cant believe it, but its here!!

Halloween was fun and Jadyn was too cute! She had little pigtails in her hair that stood straight up with sparkly green bows, purple and pink sparkly eyeshadows and TONS of glitter sprays and gels EVERYWHERE!! It was awesome! Her wings looked so darn cute, too! We love our little TinkerBell!!!! Everyone would stop and comment on how cute she was wherever we were. I may be pretty biased, but she was defenitely the cutest thing October 31st has ever seen!!!!

We started the night at our ward's party where Jadyn got to run around stealing bread rolls from tables and causing havoc everywhere. It was fun seeing all our friends from the ward all dressed up and goofy!

From there we went to the Hansen's home to go Trick-Or-Treating to Grandma and Cathy and to have chili dogs. Yummy! That was so fun! Cathy was dressed up like a little Japanese woman, eyelashes and all. It was so funny! It was awesome to get caught up with old friends and listen to mom and Cathy goof around! Oh I miss it so much!

Next we went and met Chausse, Bobby, Peyton, Tyler and Alex to go around to some houses for candy. Jadyn loved it! She followed Peyton and the boys around trying so hard to be one of the big kids. We went over to their house and hung out after we had all gotten cold enough and Jadyn had fallen asleep. People ask too many questions when you are knocking on doors asking for candy while the kid is sleeping. :)

We still haven't carved our pumpkins yet, so we are thinking they will be Turkey-Lanterns for Thanksgiving. Let you know how that goes! :)

All in all, Halloween was a blast!! Can't wait for next year! Thanks everyone for a great night!!


Pam said...

your blog is to stinkin cute! And so is Jadyn!

Dallin and Janelle Lewis said...

So cute! I am so glad I found your blog!