Monday, November 3, 2008

She was so freakin' cute!!!

Well, its November! I cant believe it, but its here!!

Halloween was fun and Jadyn was too cute! She had little pigtails in her hair that stood straight up with sparkly green bows, purple and pink sparkly eyeshadows and TONS of glitter sprays and gels EVERYWHERE!! It was awesome! Her wings looked so darn cute, too! We love our little TinkerBell!!!! Everyone would stop and comment on how cute she was wherever we were. I may be pretty biased, but she was defenitely the cutest thing October 31st has ever seen!!!!

We started the night at our ward's party where Jadyn got to run around stealing bread rolls from tables and causing havoc everywhere. It was fun seeing all our friends from the ward all dressed up and goofy!

From there we went to the Hansen's home to go Trick-Or-Treating to Grandma and Cathy and to have chili dogs. Yummy! That was so fun! Cathy was dressed up like a little Japanese woman, eyelashes and all. It was so funny! It was awesome to get caught up with old friends and listen to mom and Cathy goof around! Oh I miss it so much!

Next we went and met Chausse, Bobby, Peyton, Tyler and Alex to go around to some houses for candy. Jadyn loved it! She followed Peyton and the boys around trying so hard to be one of the big kids. We went over to their house and hung out after we had all gotten cold enough and Jadyn had fallen asleep. People ask too many questions when you are knocking on doors asking for candy while the kid is sleeping. :)

We still haven't carved our pumpkins yet, so we are thinking they will be Turkey-Lanterns for Thanksgiving. Let you know how that goes! :)

All in all, Halloween was a blast!! Can't wait for next year! Thanks everyone for a great night!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its gonna be so expensive...

Jadyn is still sick. Poor baby! I am thinking it is time to go to a doctor soon. I wish we had insurance! We are eligible in January, so its getting closer! Hopefully a doctor visit won't hurt too much! But she is worth it, if it does :)

In the meantime, we finally finished putting together her Halloween costume!! It is sooo adorable! TINKERBELL!! I will post some pics this weekend hopefully if we are around a computer. We had planned to go to Cannon Beach with our friends Billie and Mandie this friday night, but since Jadyn is sick, we had another change in plans. Sad. :( Family and close friends will be the extent of our Trick-or-Treating this year. Maybe the ward party if she is a little better. But we are gonna make up for it next year!

In other news, Joe is doing really well in school! He found out yesterday he has maintained his 104% grade in math so far and also has high A grades in Speech and Writing. Its so exciting! Yay for Joe!

He also had his first week with the scouts last wednesday and excited for that challenge too! Who knew after all his years avoiding anything Scouts, he would be called into a Scout leadership position? Haha.

And finally, probably the most important news of the whole millennium (or the week at least), the long awaited movie Tinkerbell made its debut yesterday! Jadyn loves it! She has watched it three times and dances the whole time! Its adorable...go get it! Now!! :)

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!! Love you all!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I was just so happy she was giving kisses...

..That I forgot that I was sick! She always has lots of hugs and kisses for Daddy, but kisses for mommy are few and far between (lots of hugs, not many kisses.) I think it is because she is with Mommy all day, but time with Daddy is rare, so she is saving them up! Or maybe its cause I always ask, even beg, and Joe doesn't. Either way, friday was the day of lots of kisses for Mommy. I was ecstatic!! I must have been so excited, cause I forgot I was sick. So now, after an awesome weekend in Washington with my not-so-little-anymore cousins, poor little Jadyn is sick too. She is so sad! And I feel so terrible! :(

Other than that, things for our little family are wonderful! Joe is busy with school and work! His day starts about 4:30am and ends at about 10pm! He is so determined! I am proud of him!
Jadyn is a busy-bee from sun up to sun down also. She has gotten pretty fast! She runs everywhere, full speed and won't slow down unless you are a puppy or you have candy. She climbs on everything! If she knows her Princess Vitamins are on the top of the fridge, you can count on her pushing the chairs over and climbing on the counters to get them. She is talking a little more everyday, too! Yay! Her newest phrase was to Uncle Justin during a tickle fight "I'm gonna get you!" Clear as a bell. I was shocked! But all in all, she is just super fun and soooo cute! She always has us laughing!

Whew! That is what I (Nyckie) do all day, everyday! And even though sometimes are more of a challenge than others, I love it! It is so fun having a little friend to hang out with :). I just got put in with the YW in our ward and sometimes it is a little weird to think that just 4 or 5 yrs ago, I was in there and now I have my very own family! Just living the dream, I guess! Nothing better!

We have never done a blog and our other website hasn't been updated in almost two years. (Oops) So hopefully we can stay up on this! Looks fun!

Love you all! Have a great FHE!!