Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rain, rain...go AWAY!!!

Usually every day of the week Joe drives the car to work up in Vancouver, which leaves Jadyn and Mommy home to play all day. Usually it is a blast and we enjoy it a ton! But once in a while it wears on us and we just need to get out and go shopping! :) So when Joe informed us last weekend that we would have the car ALL week, we were SOOOO happy! We made plans to go to the parks, see the waterfalls and do all kinds of fun things outside. Imagine our dissappointment when the forecast shows rain all week. Yuck! Jadyn has been a pretty good sport though. We went to the mall and played on the park there and McDonalds Playplace is our home away from home! We have been driving around and looking at things too, so that is fun!

Also, I just wanna give a little shout out to the Johnsons! We love you and miss you tons! Glad the trip down was safe and you made it OK. Hope the first week of work was great! Miss you!

Not a whole lot of new things other than that, but I will keep ya'll posted! And we promise to be better! I even plan on updating our website this weekend! Yay!!

Love you guys!!

Also...we are very excited for the possible-soon arrival of Mr. TKO, but try not to make your mommy sick little guy! :) Love you Scotty and Michelle!

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