Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its gonna be so expensive...

Jadyn is still sick. Poor baby! I am thinking it is time to go to a doctor soon. I wish we had insurance! We are eligible in January, so its getting closer! Hopefully a doctor visit won't hurt too much! But she is worth it, if it does :)

In the meantime, we finally finished putting together her Halloween costume!! It is sooo adorable! TINKERBELL!! I will post some pics this weekend hopefully if we are around a computer. We had planned to go to Cannon Beach with our friends Billie and Mandie this friday night, but since Jadyn is sick, we had another change in plans. Sad. :( Family and close friends will be the extent of our Trick-or-Treating this year. Maybe the ward party if she is a little better. But we are gonna make up for it next year!

In other news, Joe is doing really well in school! He found out yesterday he has maintained his 104% grade in math so far and also has high A grades in Speech and Writing. Its so exciting! Yay for Joe!

He also had his first week with the scouts last wednesday and excited for that challenge too! Who knew after all his years avoiding anything Scouts, he would be called into a Scout leadership position? Haha.

And finally, probably the most important news of the whole millennium (or the week at least), the long awaited movie Tinkerbell made its debut yesterday! Jadyn loves it! She has watched it three times and dances the whole time! Its adorable...go get it! Now!! :)

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!! Love you all!!

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