Monday, March 23, 2009

And Then There Were Four... :)

Big news everyone!! Our little family has grown and now we are expecting again! Yay!! We just found out this week! We are soooo excited!!

Even though some of us hide it better than others....

We just can't hold it in sometimes!! We are so happy!!

We found out on Saturday that there was a chance we might be expecting when we took a family trip to Walmart to get our tires checked out. I (Nyckie) started to feel real woozy- flashbacks to that time in the Salon with Darla happened- and I though I might go down. So, since we were already there at the store, we picked up a test and brought it home. Sure enough, there were two very faint lines!! (Yay!)

We waited a few more days (it almost killed me) and took a foolproof digital test. A big fat "YES+" appeared and that was the end of the secret...thank goodness!!

Right now we are trying to explain to Jadyn that there is a baby in mommie's tummy. So far, she points to my belly button and says "baby." She also now says it to the fishtank, to the bathtub, the TVs and also to Joe's belly. It is a work in progress :)

We really have no idea for certain, but we are estimating the due date from mid-November to early-December?? As you remember with Jadyn, we weren't very good at that! Haha. So who knows. We'll let you know asap!!

We are so excited for our new addition and can't believe we are gonna be a family of four! It seems like we just went through this with Jadyn! Has it been that long already? Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I got tingles! I'm calling Chelsea right now!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! You will have to keep the blog updates coming more often now :)

Joseph and Joanie said...

Oh my gosh, NYCK!!
I am so excited!
What are we going to name it?!