Monday, October 20, 2008

I was just so happy she was giving kisses...

..That I forgot that I was sick! She always has lots of hugs and kisses for Daddy, but kisses for mommy are few and far between (lots of hugs, not many kisses.) I think it is because she is with Mommy all day, but time with Daddy is rare, so she is saving them up! Or maybe its cause I always ask, even beg, and Joe doesn't. Either way, friday was the day of lots of kisses for Mommy. I was ecstatic!! I must have been so excited, cause I forgot I was sick. So now, after an awesome weekend in Washington with my not-so-little-anymore cousins, poor little Jadyn is sick too. She is so sad! And I feel so terrible! :(

Other than that, things for our little family are wonderful! Joe is busy with school and work! His day starts about 4:30am and ends at about 10pm! He is so determined! I am proud of him!
Jadyn is a busy-bee from sun up to sun down also. She has gotten pretty fast! She runs everywhere, full speed and won't slow down unless you are a puppy or you have candy. She climbs on everything! If she knows her Princess Vitamins are on the top of the fridge, you can count on her pushing the chairs over and climbing on the counters to get them. She is talking a little more everyday, too! Yay! Her newest phrase was to Uncle Justin during a tickle fight "I'm gonna get you!" Clear as a bell. I was shocked! But all in all, she is just super fun and soooo cute! She always has us laughing!

Whew! That is what I (Nyckie) do all day, everyday! And even though sometimes are more of a challenge than others, I love it! It is so fun having a little friend to hang out with :). I just got put in with the YW in our ward and sometimes it is a little weird to think that just 4 or 5 yrs ago, I was in there and now I have my very own family! Just living the dream, I guess! Nothing better!

We have never done a blog and our other website hasn't been updated in almost two years. (Oops) So hopefully we can stay up on this! Looks fun!

Love you all! Have a great FHE!!


The Yates said...

Well, welcome to the blog club. It is way easy. Make sure you get all of the links to the rest of the Fam off of my Blog. :)

Meredith Williams said...

Hey Nyckie! I'm excited you have a blog. It was fun to read about your family! I wish we were in Oregon to see you guys! we also have a blog so lets stay in touch


Pam said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! Janica made me do one finally. Its fun! You have to post some pic's of Jadyn. Im glad you guys are doing well in Oregon